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released October 29, 2013

Words & Music - Fight For Your Friends
Recorded & Mixed in Jimmy's Dorm Room
Mastered at Bit Crush Studios

Guitar, Bass, Drums, Vocals - George Brudermann

Woah's on 'Blasphemy, Blast-For-You' - Jon Boyle & Jimmy Casapulla
Additional Guitar on 'Manhattan' - Jimmy Casapulla
Harmonica on 'Manhattan' - Jimmy Casapulla

Cover Art - Nick Bellaro



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Fight For Your Friends New Jersey

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Track Name: Blasphemy, Blast-For-You
Well i'm a hell-fire preacher
and a heretic at heart
and i'm a soapbox martyr
who's been fucked from the start
and all those prayers i ever said
have never been written down in red
i am godless but i am saved
without you

Well i look back
to when i was younger
and i looked to god
bed-side on my hands and knees
begging for some guidance please
but bruised knees
were the only thing i got

Well i can't trust the holy ghost
and deities with invisibility
really never worked for me

Well please don't think
that i am bitter
i really don't know the truth
all i know is what
god nevertold me
and i guess thats a good excuse
and i have friends
and they are christians
and they live pretty decent lives
and i've done fine without their
forgiveness and they don't care
that i have more fun on friday nights
Track Name: Angry Drinking Song
Well I'm tired of these nights that i get so alone
and I'm sure as hell ain't waiting 'til i start getting old
these shots i've got in front of me
stand for what I'm giving up
my hopes, my dreams, my apathies,
they never were enough, were they?

Well this is my angry drinking song i hope you like it too
it's made to make me feel worse and only help you
i hope you can feel better
knowing I'm taking on the world
so lets raise a glass
to the broken pasts we have

Well theres a devil in my veins
and I'm fine with bad cliches
oh yeah
and it's times like these
that you better run
Track Name: Manhattan
Lungs filled with smoke and ash and
a head full of regrets
This city shines so bright but
i still feel so misled
I knew every avenue that could
lead me back to you
i've just forgotten which ones do

So if I'm gonna die i wanna die in Manhattan
just a couple blocks away from your apartment
Oh i'm going out in style i hope you can see it
from a subway car or where ever you are in the city

Well i'll use my metro card to
pay the ferry man
to get me across the
the Hudson
The bright lights of Broadway
cut like bullets through my chest
and i'm still so broken since you left